The Archbishop  Borders  School

A Catholic, Dual-Language, Community School

Dual Language Program

Archbishop Borders School has the honor of being the only dual-language, Spanish-immersion school in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. As part of our commitment to the development of our dual-language program, we have partnered with the Roche Center of Boston College as part of their Two-Way Immersion Network for Catholic Schools (TWIN-CS). Through membership in this network, Archbishop Borders School receives professional development for our faculty and guidance in program development. To learn more about the TWIN-CS program, click here

Our Dual Language Program is an additive bilingual program where bilingualism, biliteracy and biculturalism are the focal points for the development of the learner.  In the Dual Language Program, the language majority students (in this case, English) and the language minority students (in this case, Spanish), are served in the same classroom.  Both groups of students share the same instructional strategies either in English or Spanish, to promote learning and cross-cultural cooperation.  By fifth grade, the expectations are that the English and Spanish speaker students have acquired an advanced level of proficiency in a second language and have fully developed their primary language. Through the Dual Language Program, the students understand and appreciate the cultural differences and perform at high levels of academic knowledge.  In Middle School, the students “refine” the academic language through some content classes in Spanish or through Literature and Grammar.  By eighth grade, they are prepared to take the Advanced Placement test in Spanish and to obtain High School and College credits.

Woodcock-Muñoz Language Survey Description

The Woodcock-Muñoz Language Survey—Revised Normative Update (WMLS-R NU) is a test of reading, writing, listening, and comprehension. It can be administered from as young as early elementary students to well into adulthood. This highly-regarded test has been chosen to be used by the TWIN schools across the country to accurately measure growth in language skills and proficiency throughout the duration of the TWIN program. The WMLS-R NU measures students’ growth in vocabulary, verbal analogies, letter and word identification and reading passage comprehension. Students will be tested on the WMLS-R NU each year of their enrollment in the TWIN schools. The students' scores are collected and used to show how much they are learning from year to year, in both English and Spanish. The WMLS-R NU does not replace other measures of language and literacy used by TWIN schools, but rather provides additional information for our students and their families. This information is also shared with researchers at Boston College's Roche Center for Catholic Education, who use it to better understand two-way immersion schools; the students' privacy is protected throughout this process.  

For more information about our program, please email Kristina Collins, our Director of Dual Language Programming, at [email protected]

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