The Archbishop  Borders  School

A Catholic, Dual-Language, Community School

Carmen Beltran

PreK-3 Spanish Teacher- Maestra de Español

[email protected]

                              Nikki Berry

                             PreK-3 Spanish Aide - Asistente de Español

                              [email protected] 

Jackie Cahill

PreK-4 and Kindergarten Spanish Substitute-  Maestra Sustituto de Español

[email protected]

Blanca Tapahuasco

Kindergarten Aide Spanish Substitute- Asistente Substituto Español 

[email protected] 

Jo-Ann Landers

PreK-4 and Kindergarten English Teacher- Maestra de Inglés 

[email protected]

Michelle Monaghan

PreK-4 and Kindergarten English Aide- Asistente de Inglés 

[email protected]

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