The Archbishop  Borders  School

A Catholic, Dual-Language, Community School

Middle School Program - Grades 6 - 8

Archbishop Borders School strives to foster independent and proactive learning, within a supportive environment during the middle school years. There is a strong emphasis on critical thinking skills and personal responsibility. Students are taught in a departmentalized setting and are accountable for organization and formation of proper study habits. Academic subjects such as mathematics, literature, science, religion and social studies focus on developing logical reasoning, expanding global perspective, and advancing students’ ability to locate and analyze information. The curriculum addresses the individual developmental needs of each student. Stress is placed on personal discipline. Special attention is given to the understanding of the physical, social and spiritual development of the adolescent child. The middle school program is enhanced by field experiences. In addition to the traditional academic program Middle School students participate in Spanish, physical education, music, art and technology classes.


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